Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's Talk About Spring

I'm working, listening to music and the sun is shining through my living room window.

Also, the weather forecast for the next 10 days is showing temps in the 50s and 60s and nothing really lower than the 40s.

Now, I don't know if all of these things (minus the working...) have combined to make my synapses dance with thoughts of springtime, but that's totally what's happening. 

I've come to a few conclusions based on these thoughts.  They are as follows:

1.) More sundresses.  There was a year where for one summer I designated Tuesdays as "Dress Tuesdays" and wore a dress every Tuesday.  That was fun.  But I only had like 3 dresses.  This year, I think I'll be expanding my sundress collection. 

1a.) I'll also be purchasing a few pairs of shorts so I can still run around like an idiot without the world being privy to my underwearssssss...

1b.) I should get some new underwear...just in case I forget to wear shorts.

2.) Sandals and flip flops.  I paint my nails and toes nearly every other day.  I'm pretty fickle with the polish color.  Plus I own about 100 bottles of nail polish.  So it makes sense that when it warms up, I bust out the toeless shoes to let my feet breathe and show the world my bounty of nail color. 

2a.) Low-top Converse: I need a pair of these.  I feel like they go well with sundresses and just about everything else.  And they're a lot easier to run around in. 

3.) More time outside.  Being that I now work remotely, you bet your sweet ass I'm working outside as often as possible.  How sweet would it be to get a wireless card and work from the beach?  Super sweet.  I'm totally looking into that. 

3a.) When it comes to playtime, also outside.  And I'm dead set on finding a tire swing.  Because in my mind's eye, I picture myself, sundress-clad and barefoot (sandals strewn at the base of a nearby tree), swinging on a tire swing.  And I like that idea.

4.) Wandering Chicago with my iPod.  Just aimless wandering.  Which means I need to fill up my iPod with walkin' songs.  You have any good ones?  Let me know.  Walkin' and thinkin' songs. 

5.) Mount Baldy Beach: I only went once last year.  What a pity.  This year, I'm going at least a handful of times.  And actually, perhaps a few dune trail hikes.  Here I am, super close to one of the prettiest things Mother Nature has given this world, The Dunes, and I'm not enjoying it.  This year, that changes.

6.) I'm learning to use my grill, dammit.

7.) Ice cream and popsicles (pronounced "poss-icles"...obviously).  My freezer will be perpetually stocked with these items. 

8.) Picnics?  I haven't been on a picnic since 2005.  And homegirl knows how to make a sandwich.  Seems like such a waste I haven't put that skill to good use with some outdoor eating on a blanket.  Done.

9.) Outdoor restaurants.  Indiana doesn't really have many.  Plus the view is likely of a Target parking lot.  Hey, Chicago restaurants with outdoor patios, allow me to introduce myself and my appetite this year.

10.) Lakeshore Drive with the sunroof open and the windows down.  I usually take the expressway into town.  But in nicer weather, LSD is a great detour.  And who cares about traffic.  More time to enjoy the scenery.

All right, Lady Spring...I've got an agenda.

Let's do this.


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