Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm a bargain hunter now that I'm 30

So, it's Cyber Monday, and I am taking FULL advantage.  Drinking coffee, cat on my lap, and shopping for Christmas.

I'm also getting money back because I'm using ebate.

Basically, you sign up in literally 5 seconds, and then you can browse your favorite online stores (like eBay, Borders, and my new favorite, Discovery Channel) and when you go to their site, ebates hooks you up with a referral code.  Then you shop.  And after you shop, you get a percentage back on your purchase.  And they send you a check.  In the mail.  Mail that ISN'T a bill?!  (I know, right?!)

And for today, % back is DOUBLED for most stores.

Also, if you sign up with this link ---> EBATE  I get $5 per person who signs up.  (And being an unemployed, single mom, that really helps...a ton.)

So, you know...check it out guys.  Seriously.  I'm trying to be a financially responsible 30-year-old here.  :)

I love discovering bargains!  Makes me feel like a kid on...

...well, on Christmas. 

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