Saturday, September 24, 2011

30/30/30 - Day #2: Five Compliments

Day #2: Give at least 5 random compliments to people (friends or strangers)
Status: Completed

You ARE beautiful, by the way.
This challenge didn’t initially start as a challenge.  It started with a compliment to Laughs randomly early in the afternoon.

As the day wore on, I realized that of the items on my list, it was unlikely that I’d be able to complete anything else.  (Laughs and I had gone to see Drive – great flick, by the way – and then we both had shows later in the evening.  So there wasn’t a whole lot of time for me to sneak in some other item on the list.)

So as I walked to my show, trying to think about the list and what I should cross off, I remembered the earlier compliment I gave and decided to find four more opportunities to give someone a genuine compliment about something I noticed and appreciated.  

I ended up using the four remaining compliments in the following ways: I thoroughly enjoyed a fellow teammate's work in our show, so I let her know.  I let another teammate know that I am always impressed by his natural ability to be hilarious on (and off) stage without really trying.  I let another teammate know that his laugh is absolutely infectious and awesome.  And finally, I shared with another teammate that his support on stage and in rehearsals is absolutely amazing. 

Maybe it wasn’t the most epic of challenges, but I will say this: it was nice letting people know the positive things I see in them, and so I plan to make sure that I do that much, much more often.

Oh, you're probably wondering what I told Laughs, aren't you?  If you must know, that initial compliment was that he has a great voice.  Because he totally does.  :) 

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