Sunday, September 25, 2011

30/30/30 – Day #3 – Spontaneous and Unplanned

Day #3 – Do something spontaneous or unplanned
Status: Completed

This worked out swimmingly.
This challenge, coincidentally, just kind of spontaneously came to be.  

It started with Laughs spontaneously joining me for my drive to rehearsal - just because (which I thought was the best), and followed with one rehearsal being switched to a hang out day last minute.

After that, I had some random hang time with Laughs (and football), before heading back home, where the spontaneity culminated with one of my best girls randomly seeing what I was up to.  She ended up stopping by for some girl talk and just a nice evening of catching up to cap off the weekend.  

Might not sound super exciting, but in my world, being spontaneous can be difficult.  It was nice to randomly have a day where the planning was almost nonexistent and I got to just let things happen and enjoy them.  I need to try and incorporate more of that into my life, or at the very least be grateful for the sparse moments that it happens.  

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