Thursday, September 29, 2011

30/30/30 - Day #5: Cook dinner for Laughs

Day #5 - Cook dinner for Laughs

Status: Completed
Chicken Paprikash.
100% Hungarian.
Made by a 50% Hungarian.

Wednesday night after work I came home and cooked up a family favorite: Chicken Paprikash.  I'm half Hungarian and this was kind of a staple in my family.  I was super excited to try my hand at it, as I've never cooked it before.  Lo and behold, it turned out pretty damned good.  The only things I'd change: smaller, thinner dumplings (when they said "walnut-sized" I was unsure if they meant shelled or unshelled.  In hindsight, I'm pretty sure they meant unshelled.), and since the chicken was boneless (ack...I can't eat meat off the bone.  Harf.), I would have let it simmer in the sauce for about 5 minutes less.

I also probably would have used smaller plates.  

I do know I'll be making this dish again.  As well as attempting new stuff.  Cooking is actually pretty fun, guys.  In case you were unaware.

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