Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Things/30 Days/30: #1 - The List

Day #1 - Compose a list of 30 things to do in 30 days while I'm still 30
Status: Completed

(In no particular order)

1. Make List
2. Write a song (BONUS: Perform it in public)
3. Give at least 5 random compliments to people (friends or strangers)
4. Host an improv show
5. Cook dinner for Laughs
6. Submit headshot/res or audition for something
7. Do something kind for a stranger
8. Clean out my closet
9. See a concert
10. Watch Citizen Kane
11. See a friend's improv show
12. Write a poem
13. Write a short story
14. Get a pedicure, manicure or facial (etc.)
15. Do something special for Maxwell randomly
16. Wake up early and enjoy coffee and the morning on the patio before work.
17. Do karaoke, but actually have stage presence
18. Enter something into a writing contest
19. Do something nice for my parents randomly
20. Go to a haunted house
21. Play as a guest with a friend's improv team or do a jam*
22. Save $50
23. Write one chapter of either book idea I have
24. Dress up nice and go out to dinner - either alone or with someone
25. Visit an art museum
26. Create a video journal of a single day and post it
27. Draw something
28. Do something spontaneous and unplanned
29. Karaoke in Chicago
30. Send handwritten notes to friends**

*For #21 I'm going to need a little help.  Improv friends, if you have a show that incorporates guest performers, let me know!

** Want a letter?  email me your address (

Day one is down.  29 more to go!

And again, share the blog.  It'll keep me motivated to conquer this!

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